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Sethu Senthil

💻 Web & Mobile Developer | 💼 Entrepreneur | 📹 Content Creator


account_circle About Me

👋 Hi!   I'm a full stack developer. (AKA, I can code anything & everything)
📈 All of my apps are on the Top Charts.
✨ I'm honored to have served over 8 million active users in the past year alone.
💚 I just love the art of creative problem solving.
💼 I also enjoy managing my projects and businesses.

equalizer Skills


  • - Javascript (ES7)
  • - React
    • img - MUI
  • Bootstrap Icon - CSS frameworks
    • img - Bootstrap
    • img - Bulma
    • img - Materialize


  • - React Native
  • Flutter Icon - Flutter
  • swift - Swift


  • - Node JS
    • - Express
    • socket io logo - Soket.io
  • Firebase Icon - Firebase
  • google cloud - google_logo Cloud
  • python - Python
  • - SQL
  • - NoSQL
    • MangoDB logo - MangoDB
    • Firebase Icon - Firebase Realtime Database


  • Electron Icon - TypeScript
  • Electron Icon - Electron
  • - AppleScript
  • Java Icon - Java
  • linux logo - Linux CLI
  • bash logo - Bash
  • git logo - Git
I'm always learning something new, either a totally new technology or by building on what I'm already familiar with (lookin' at popular or Flutter Icon modules) or something not related to programming at all!

view_module Projects

Not all projects make it here! Some get archived in my computer     and others are on my Github .
Note contributions to open source projects don't appear here.


A cross platform mobile app that adds a lot of features to TikTok. Currently #14 on the AppStore with 8 million users including top brands & celebrities!

SBHS Computer Science Club Officer

A club in my highschool where I teach other highschool students to code, and make awesome things by harnessing the power of the web & JS.


What is this project all about? Well your looking at it right now! My portfolio page made from scratch! Don't you like how meta this is getting?

Flutter Icon


Cross platform TikTok game which reached #42 on the AppStore within 3 days of launch. Check out the listing for more info

Mighty Mink Autocorrector

Mighty Mink Autocorrector is a free service which brings autocorect to google_g docs, slides and sheets allowing users to get things done faster than ever before.


Made a SPA (single page app) for Subramanian Chettiar Gurukulam High School which uses google_g docs and sheets as a CMS (content management system) for easy self-maintenance. In addition, I taught ...

iOS Shortcuts ⭐

Using the power of code I was able to make unique and powerful iOS shortcuts never seen before which people are using every day all around the world.


Organizer of HackSB, a hackathon exclusively for highschool students for both experienced and new coders at the South Brunswick Public Library.

Random Screenshot

Using the power of web scraping and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), this webapp pulls up random screenshots taken using screenshot softwares which uploads them online.

Cat Rush

A retro 2D platformer trivia game made for the FBLA club which made it to states (NJ) with a scoreboard and trippy fx.


WhatsAppQuic is a webapp that allows the user to send messages to anyone on whatsapp even those not in your contact! This uses a Tap-To-Chat like API, but with Whatsapps's offline app invoke.

keyboard Articles

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WhatsApp, the iMessage of Android?

4 min .

Coder IDE - The Next-gen IDE on the ☁️

8 min .

Var vs Let vs Const

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