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Sethu Senthil

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Hi!   I'm a teen developer slowly conquering the world of stack!   My native tongues Javascript with a Node accent but when communicating with humans I use English , Tamil and Spanish. I have a very deep passion with tech ranging from building hardware to programming. I'm also a die-hard google_logo / Alphabet  fanboy I also share a large amount of my interest in the tech stock market and economics.


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equalizer Skills

I'm always learning something new, either a totally new technology (img) or by building on what I'm already familiar with (lookin' at popular modules)
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view_module Projects

Not all projects make it here! Some get archived in my computer and others are on my Github or Codepen.
Note contributions to open source projects dont appear here.

Minimalistic Homescreen

A simple pen that practices the JS date/time API with stunning UI. Currently working on porting this pen as a chrome extension.


SBHS Computer Science Club Officer

A club in my highschool where I teach other highschool students to code, and make awesome things by harnessing the power of the web & JS.


Sethusenthil.com Remake

What is this project all about? Well your looking at it right now! Dont you like how meta this is getting?



The offical Supreme homepage remade using react.



WhatsAppQuic is a webapp that allows the user to send messages to anyone on whatsapp even those not in your contact! This uses a Tap-To-Chat like API, but with Whatsapps's offline app invoke.



Organizer of HackSB, a hackathon exclusively for highschool students for both experienced and new coders at the South Brunswick Public Library.


Black Dot

There are new 'text bombs' coming out, and it's hard to be on the top of it! Black Dot lets the user send the latest text bomb to their friends accordingly to their OS with a custom touch. Open

More projects are commin' soon

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